Competition Rules

Rules for the competition:

The child has to prepare for the grade specific word list that was given for the preliminary round and in addition to the word list of the next higher grade
(Example: 2nd grade student have to be prepared with 3rd grade word list too. For 8th grade, we will provide an additional word list)

Winner Evaluation:

  • First three positions will be decided based on knock out rounds
  • We will have 1 rehearsal round before starting the actual knock out round
  • Each student will be requested to spell a word on the stage in 2 minute and 30 seconds. The clock will start after the pronouncer says the word for the first time.
  • Students can request the pronouncer to repeat the word 2 more times, can ask for a sentence to understand the meaning of the word.
  • The student that gives the wrong spelling or not able to spell or hesitating to spell has to step down, while others continue.
  • This format will continue for 5 rounds which will be completely based on the word list given (i.e. word list of that specific grade and word list of next higher grade)
  • After the 5th round, students will be tested from¬†outside the list.
  • Final decision is up to the organizing committee in case of any unexpected situations