Thank You!

Alhamdulillah! The event was very successful. Jazakomu Allah Khayran all parents and children for your efforts.

Thank you so much for all the volunteers who made this event successful. The areas such as planning, organizing, on the stage, ordering awards and certificates, pronouncing words, arranging the venue and cleanup, cooking food, selling food and snacks, and sponsoring, etc. the list goes on… Thank You! I am not mentioning names, but I am sure that the angels above the skies are mentioning your good deeds. May Allah SW reward you all with Alferdous Alala. Allahmameen.


Spelling B-E-E Tomorrow

As Salamu Alikom Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Registration starts at 10:00am and event will start sharp at 11am In Shaa Allah, please be there as early as possible.

Please review the Competition Rules

Due to some of our community members’ allergy I would like to list the ingredients of our food sale tomorrow.

  • Waffles topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Contain eggs, flours, milk, heavy cream and sugar.

*Butter chicken, made with chicken breast tomato sauce heavy cream and butter chicken spices.

  • Chicken wrap, made was grilled chicken, American cheese, lettuce and grilled tortilla bread.

*Chicken korma, please contact Lahori kabob for the exact ingredient.

  • Basmati white rice.
  • Baklava, made was fillo dough, sliced almond, simple syrup and butter.
  • Basbosa, made with semolina flower butter, baking powder and simple syrup.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and Jazakomu Allah Khayran.


Online registration has been extended

As Salamu Alikom warahmato Allah wabarakato Dear Al-Huda Community,

Due to some technical issues, on our website that delayed the process of registration for spelling bee competition, we are extending the registration till Friday 6pm (March 6th 2020).

Thanks and Jazakumu Allah Khayran